Teaching Women and Others How to Protect Themselves

About Jenny McPherson Women’s Self Defense of Bangor, Maine

While the name implies self-defense training for women, students benefit from physical fitness and mental conditioning to be better aware of one’s surroundings. Jenny McPherson is an experienced women’s practitioner offering Krav Maga self-defense courses and classes in Bangor, Maine. Her business is one of the few businesses in the entire state focused on women’s self-defense. She takes great pride in the courses and classes she offers, because she is a survivor of sexual assault herself.

Jenny decided to take action and began learning self-defense – for her own personal protection and to help others learn these invaluable techniques. She wants to provide women and young ladies with the skills they need to safeguard themselves in the face of danger.

Her courses and classes cover defense against chokes, sexual assault/advances, hair pulls and head attacks. She also teaches individuals how to fall properly to avoid injury.

She has taught countless women and others proper techniques, giving them the skills they need to defend against dangerous threats and advances.

To learn more about the classes offered at Jenny McPherson Self Defense, please reach out to Jenny today