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Many of us will be face-to-face with danger at some point in our lives. It’s up to you to take the steps to prepare yourself for that next unexpected situation. Jenny McPherson Self Defense offers self-defense courses and classes in Bangor, Maine.

Jenny has years of experience with the art of self-defense, and strives to educate women and their families in the local community through her services.

Jenny McPherson can teach you how to defend yourself from chokes, sexual assault/advances, hair pulls and head attacks. This is done through instinctive movements and practical scenarios.

Types of courses and classes available

Jenny McPherson Women’s Self Defense offers individual and small group courses on a weekly basis and larger group courses on a quarterly basis.

3 week courses: Twice a week, participants will work intensively to learn a variety of defense techniques designed to prepare them for dangerous encounters. Great for those who want to obtain solid knowledge in a shorter amount of time. Please contact the Bangor YMCA for more information.

6 week courses: Similar curriculum to 3 week courses, just spread over a longer period of time. Classes are once a week. Perfect for those with busier schedules, but still committed to learning self-defense. Please contact the Bangor YMCA for more information.

General classes: Get in touch with Jenny McPherson about individual self-defense classes. Our practitioner is extremely flexible when it comes to your schedule and desires.

Don’t wait another day to obtain this invaluable skillset. Sign up for classes at Jenny McPherson Self Defense today by calling 207-249-3554.